Weekly Class Schedule

About Our Classes:

Youth Classes

all youth classes are open to any and all skill levels

Lil Junior BJJ– Designed for ages 5 to 8 years old. Our goal is to teach the application of fundamental jiu jitsu. Learning the general positions of jiu jitsu and how to stay safe. Your child will learn how to defend and attack their opponent in a controlled and safe environment. A typical class will consist of playing games to warm up, going through our carefully constructed curriculum, light sparring and we usually end with a fun game. If we can send your young one home with a little less energy while having fun and learning our goal is accomplished.  

Lil Champs BJJ– Designed for ages 9-15 years old. After understanding the basic concepts of jiu jitsu, your child will start to learn jiu jitsu at a more technical level. With a heavy emphasis on wrestling and standup work, this class is perfect for building confidence through hard work. This class is great for both competitor and non-competitor, everyone can benefit by being on the mats together. A typical class will consist of “micro-drilling” to warm up, reviewing and expanding techniques and sparring. Games after class are to be determined. Each and everyday our goal is to build your child’s confidence on and off the mats. 

Benefits Include:

Increased self-confidence




Self-defense skills


Making friends

Adult All Level Classes

All levels classes are open to everyone- 2 stripe white belts and above preferred unless approved otherwise. 

Adult All Levels 6am– Early mornings can be the best times of the day to train. Drill techniques and get some live rolling before your work day. This class is designed for the individuals that may struggle with other later class time options. 6am BJJ class is perfect for beginners and experienced martial artists, we have it all. Typically we will start every morning by getting straight into an organized technique series. Techniques and drills vary weekly depending on the curriculum that we set up. Our goal is provide excellent jiu jitsu first thing in the morning to meet the needs of our members that have limited time. 

Adult All Levels 11am– Have a lunch break or some down time during the middle of the day? This class may be perfect for you. This class is usually a bit faster paced due to time availability. We will start with fast paced drills, review our curriculum and get into live rolling. All of the adult all level classes follow the same curriculum, so if you miss an early morning or evening class you can catch 11am and start where you left off. In this class we have people from all walks of life, professionals, athletes and students. Competitors and non-competitors, this class has it all. 

Adult All Levels 6pm– The main adult class of the week. This class is designed for the individual that takes jiu jitsu more seriously. Techniques and drilling are geared towards competitions. We have an organized curriculum that matches the other adult classes in the week. 6pm BJJ training is fast paced, we lay out a blue print and build the foundation- you do the rest. We like to give each athlete the freedom to drill what they want in specific scenarios. In this class, you will understand how tournaments are scored, different strategies for competitions and how to train like a professional jiu jitsu athlete. Our goal is to provide undoubtedly the very best sport BJJ team in the region, providing world-class instruction with in-depth knowledge.   

Adult All Levels No Gi– It is very important to be a well- rounded grappler. No gi jiu jitsu is designed to expand your knowledge and skill without the use a gi/kimono. Our priority is to produce the best jiu jitsu with or without the gi. This class is ran just like any other adult all levels class. Curriculum is either matched with the gi curriculum or changed depending on the week. No gi is a great time to focus on other aspects of jiu jitsu- some techniques become harder and some easier. Any mat time is always a good time. 

Adult Fundamentals BJJ– Have interest in learning the art of jiu jitsu? Do you have limited or zero experience? This is the class for you! You are welcome to join this class and try a free week at anytime. In this class you will find beginners and the occasional blue belt. You will learn the very basic fundamentals of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, how to move on the mat, how to defend yourself and stay safe in any position. Fitness is a big part of this class, we will warm up for the first 20 minutes of class and work on flexibility. Our curriculum is designed to give you the best jiu jitsu that you can fully understand and use in a live roll. After warmups and technique, we typically save about 10 minutes for live training. Our goal is to introduce jiu jitsu and the positive impacts the art has to offer. We want every beginner that walks through the doors to be a black belt one day. It is very important to train safe in a clean and professional environment taught by experienced professionals with a pedigree to back it up. 

Open Mat– All levels open mat is the best time in the week to get in training with many training partners you may not be able to see otherwise. In this class we will review or expand on a lot of drills. For this class, we always drill for the first hour and then have live training for as long as it takes. White belts to black belts are all welcome to this class along with any visitors at zero cost. Everyone is always welcome.